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Take 15 Podcast

The Take 15 Podcast Presented By CFA Institute is a popular audio interview series defined by illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and whistleblowing to irrationality and outlooks.

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Show Host: Lauren Foster

Producer: Mitchell Forst 

Nov 18, 2020

Episode #438. Shundrawn Thomas, president of Northern Trust Asset Management, discusses what true diversity, equity, and inclusion look like, the importance of “compassionate leadership” during the pandemic, and whether or not he is encouraged about the possibility of real change when it comes to addressing...

Nov 11, 2020

Episode #437. Renowned financial market historian William N. Goetzmann of the Yale School of Management takes the audience on a fascinating journey that spans stock market bubbles and lessons for today’s investors to interplanetary finance.

Oct 28, 2020

In episode #435, Randall Kroszner discusses central bank responses to COVID-19, the impact of lower rates on savers and plan sponsors, the toolkit to deal with future crises, and a way forward for bailouts of insolvent firms.

Oct 14, 2020

In episode #433, Sandy Rattray, CIO of Man Group, discusses whether the VIX is a fair estimate of volatility, building a work culture for data scientists and machine learning experts, and the role of technology and data in investing.

Oct 7, 2020

In episode #432, Maria Wilton, CFA, discusses the 2020 CFA Institute/Mercer co-branded Global Pension Index. Who is responsible for providing retirement income: the government or individual? What are the features of a good government pension scheme?