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Take 15 Podcast

The Take 15 Podcast Presented By CFA Institute is a popular audio interview series defined by illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and whistleblowing to irrationality and outlooks.

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Show Host: Lauren Foster

Producer: Mitchell Forst 

Jun 28, 2018

In Episode #334, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman’s talks with us about his simple yet powerful principles on intelligent thinking—such as the System 1 and System 2 thinking processes—provide a practical framework for understanding the mental structures that drive our choices. Investment professionals are constantly required to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. Kahneman’s contributions are of special significance to the financial marketplace. In this interview, Kahneman reviews his work and also provides insights on ways behavioral thinking could evolve.